Tokyo, OK is a fan-based convention with a focus on Japanese Anime, Japanese Culture, and Pop Culture; With a mission of "To Educate and Build Community Through Entertainment.”



Managed by Dynamite Conventions, LLC: Tokyo, OK proves that education does not have to come from traditional sources and that even two vastly different world views can find common ground. From humble beginnings as a parking lot block party and despite many road blocks, Tokyo, OK has grown each year ... and we keep breaking records!



Tokyo, OK hosts over 300 hours of programming for Anime, Gaming (Console, Arcade, PC, LARP, CCG, Laser Tag and Tabletop), Japanese and Tulsa Culture, Art, Writing, Music, Shopping (with vendors, artists and exhibitors from all of the country) and much more!



Join us for a full weekend of nonstop fun.


Learn more about the company behind Tokyo in Tulsa, and check out their other events!

Dynamite Conventions, LLC is an event planning and management company. Producing both in-house concepts as well as supporting the ideas of other organizations, we are dedicated to bringing quality events to Oklahoma.


Board of Directors

James Fowler

CEO & Founder

Melinda West

Director of Operations, Programming, and Guests

Shailaja Marion

Director of Sales & Administration

Board of Advisors

Zac Murphy

Bran Allen

Head of Public Relations & Attendee Services 

Human Resources Manager

Teri Myers

Event Acquisitions

Otto Schenck

Head of Contests & Charity

Heather Humphrey

Head of Panel Programming

Derek Chen

Head of Audio/Visual

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