Types of Panels


The majority of panels are standard discussion-led panels, generally with 1-4 presenters. Examples include fan panels, guest Q&As, etc. Discussion panels generally run 1-2 hours.



An interactive panel is one that requires physical participation from the attendees in the audience. For example, a panel wanting to teach the latest kpop choreo that requires attendees to get up and move, would be considered an interactive panel. A cosplay panel that has hands-on involvement would also be considered interactive.  Interactive panels run in increments of 1-2 hours.



Demonstrations take place in the demo area which is located at the back of the Artist Bazaar and Exhibitor Area. These are presented by local area groups who meet certain requirements. Demos generally run in 30 minute increments. Demonstration groups interested in submitting demos should review the Rules & Regulations for Tokyo in Tulsa requirements.


Please note, submission of requested materials does NOT guarantee acceptance.

Panel submission will close on May 20th

All panels will be selected and scheduled by June 20nd

Panelist  will be contacted by June 25th

Panel schedule will be posted by July 5th

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