Positions at Tokyo, OK

We are currently looking for crew members to assist with the convention. Tokyo, OK is an entirely fan run event presented by the Oklahoma Society for Culture Appreciation, a non-profit organization.  We are looking assistance at every level and have opportunities for all. 

If you are interested in a leadership position (DRI, shift lead, department head, etc.), please indicate on the application.

Access Control

  • Providing safety inspections of cosplay props and costumes to make sure they are within regulations of the convention standards.

  • Providing access for patrons to the convention location(s) area(s) provided with their badges or wristbands.

  •  Assisting patrons and guests with issues regarding their safety.


  • Ensuring the compliance of our conventions to ADA standards

  • Adequately and discreetly assist our attendees with accessibility needs

  • Adequately communicate with other apartments the needs of our accessibility guests

Audio Visual

  • Make sure all sound and video/slideshows are set up and running smoothly


  • Running Silent Auction Room​

  • Running Live Auction


  • Assist in various aspects of individual contests



  • assist in running tabletop games

  • maintain the cleanliness of the gaming area


  • assist in running tournaments

  • maintain the cleanliness of the gaming area

Information Services

  • Provide accurate information to our attendees

  • Help direct/guide attendees to accurate locations

  • Assist in attendee complaints, concerns, and general needs


  • Serving Food and Beverage to our crew and guests

PR and Social Media

  • Moderation of our various social media

  • Assisting in crafting public statements

  • Photography and Videography


  • Attend to the needs of panelists and guests


  • Processing Attendee Registrations

Site Support

  • Organizing equipment 

  • Transporting equipment to required areas

  • Inventory Control

Shopping Bazaar

  • Provide Service and Attend to the needs of our Artists, Vendors, and Exhibitors

What You Should Know:

While we want everyone to have a blast, there are a few things you must know. 

  • Positions are limited.  We would love to hire everyone but we receive too many requests. 

  • You will be notified by email by September if you are to be hired. 

  • If you are hired as a volunteer crew member, please remember that your behavior is an example to the other attendees.  If your behavior is not to the standard of the Convention, Hotel, or Convention Center you may lose any or all compensation earned, be relieved of your duties, and possibly be removed from the convention.

  • As a crew member, you will be exempt from participating in contests and giveaways

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