Hall Cosplay


This year we will only have online cosplay contest sign-ups. There will be QR codes located around the Cosplay Contests Table and the convention but we will not be physically signing up any contestants this year. 


If you sign up for the Hall Cosplay competition then you will need to stop by the Cosplay Contests Table to have your picture taken by Sunday at noon. We will announce the winner of the Hall Cosplay competition via email provided, on our social media, and during our closing ceremony video. Winners will be able to pick up prizes at the Cosplay Contest Table until 4pm on Sunday.

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The HALL COSPLAY CONTEST is based solely on photos taken at the cosplay registration booth located in the Artist and Vendor area during Tokyo, OK. If you enter this contest, you will be judged on how you and your costume photographs. This is a contest in which you will need to strike a pose and show off your stuff in the form of a still picture. Store-bought costumes, as well as hand-made costumes, can be entered in this contest. The Hall Cosplay Contest will be judged by the Tokyo, OK Cosplay staff.



  • Anyone may enter the HALL COSPLAY event, excluding Tokyo, OK staff. Entrants under the age of thirteen (13) must have a parent sign their entry form as proof of permission to enter the contest.


Costume Guidelines

  • No costume is NO COSTUME. If the outfit can be mistaken for every day wear (L from Death Note or Brock from Pokemon, for example), it cannot be entered into the contest on its own. However, it can be entered with a group.

  • Costumes must cover at least as much area as a bikini—NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a family friendly event.

  • Store-bought costumes may be entered in the HALL COSPLAY contest.

  • Refer to Props Policy for props guide lines


Reference Material

  • Reference material is encouraged for fair judgment. We are not always able to look up reference images, so it is best to show up prepared for the contest. Reference material ensures that we can see a side-by-side comparison of your outfit and the character’s design.


Signature Requirement

  • Each entrant in the HALL COSPLAY contest will be required to provide their signature on their entry form to verify that they have read the rules and will adhere to them on pain of expulsion from the contest.

  • Multiple photos will be taken of the outfit(s) being entered into the HALL COSPLAY contest. These photos may be used as promotional material for future Tokyo, OK events. By signing the entry form, a contestant agrees to these terms.



  •  Final entries for HALL COSPLAY will be Sunday at 12pm.

  • Winners for HALL COSPLAY will be announced during Closing Ceremonies.


***Rules are subject to change at any point prior to Tokyo, OK 2022.***