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Gundam ModelinG


Rules & Regulations

  • The model must be created with plastic model original kits by BANDAI;

  • The model must be made by the contestant;

  • The model must be in dimensions no larger than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm (19.68in x 19.68in x 19.68in);

  • Contestant must be 15 years or older;

  • Contestant must acknowledge the rules and regulations of the contest;

  • Any part which is made by 3D printer will be not judged


BANDAI has the right to disqualify the entry or delete images from the website if the model is or may be considered as listed below:

  • Use of copied and counterfeit products, licensor unauthorized GUNDAM/GUNPLA accessory products;

  • entry of a works which encroach or may encroach upon any third party's portrait rights, intellectual property rights such as copyright and any other rights (i.e. No company logos, trademarks, or product lettering (etc.) may be used (unless prior permission has been obtained from the rights-holder);

  • Work which is contrary to morality or public order;

  • Work which contains personal information;

  • Work which contains slanderous expressions toward certain persons or groups;

  • Inappropriate works which are not consistent with the purpose of this competition;

  • Work which is mimicked or copied off of someone else's work


Contestant work, description and other details which are against any rules and regulations from this contest will be forfeited from the contest without any prior notice.


The contestant will be fully responsible for its settlement as well as any cost which may occur in case of any disputes resulting from the submitted models. The entrant is also responsible for compensation for any damages for BANDAI and/or the third parties.


Submitting Entries

We are currently accepting Pre-Registration for Gundam Builds. Pre-Registration Form


We will be taking entries from the open of Tokyo in Tulsa on Friday until close that night. Location: TBA


Contests will have ten minutes to do final positioning after the model is checked in at contest.


Judging Criteria

Judging will take place before 9pm on Saturday, July 18th. Entries will be judged on craftsmanship, painting and idea (concept).


Winner Announcement & Prizes

Announcement of Winners:

Winners will be posted at the Gundam display area by 12pm, Sunday July 19th. They will also be announced during final ceremonies. Once the convention is over, they will then be posted on the Tokyo in Tulsa prize winner page.



1st place: Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn

2nd place: HiRm Gundam Astray Red Frame

3rd place: Real Grade Full Armor Unicorn Gundam


Fan Favorite:

Fan Favorite: Perfect Grade Gundam Exia

The Fan Favorite will be chosen by the convention attendees on Saturday, Voting will be held from open to 5PM


Prize packs can be picked up from 12pm – 4pm, Sunday July 17th, at the Gundam display area.


Post Contest

Picking Up Your Model:

All entries may be picked up Sunday, July 14th from 12pm – 4pm unless other arrangements have been made prior to that time. Any artwork that is not picked up becomes the property of Tokyo In Tulsa.

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