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What is Anime?: Anime, when used by Westerners, refers to Japanese animation. Anime is the motion picture counterpart to Manga, or graphic novels/comics. If you want to know more about the history of Anime, check out this article: What is Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK?: Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK is a Japanese and Pop Culture fan convention which opened its doors in 2008. Trivia: Tokyo in Tulsa actually got its start as a block party in October, 2005. The block party was hosted by DarkStone Anime Store. After DarkStone closed in 2006, Tulsa’s Anime community rallied together to open a convention in August of 2008. Who is responsible for the event?: Dynamite Conventions, LLC is the company that plans and manages Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK along with many other wonderful events throughout the year. To see there other events, go to You can also purchase event merchandise! Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK Leadership: The senior leadership for Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK is organized around a “kocho” or “head of village” concept, with each person overseeing major aspects of community and organization. Top level Kocho include: James Fowler (CEO and Founder) – Founder of Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK, CrashLanded and Heroic Halloween. He is only let out three times a year to host Dynamite events, otherwise he is kept heavily medicated, away from light and working on that little drooling problem. Melinda West (Operations) – Operations and programming director. She spends her days filling young minds with science and her nights planning the programming of our events. (pssst... we still don't know how she does it.) Shailaja Marion (Sales / Administration) – Never actually talks to anyone … just takes our papers and emails and does something magical (some sort of black voodoo) called filing and data entry. She also is the local cat herder (if artists and vendors were cats … maybe they are… get back to you on that). Bag Inspection: Bag inspection is a part of our dedication to providing a safe environment to our guests. To ensure that no dangerous or illegal items enter the convention space, we will be randomly inspecting bags, backpacks and containers. If you are selected for Bag Inspection, to make the process go quickly please: Unzip all pockets. Please keep control and possession of your bag. Security and Staff may not directly handle your possessions. You may be asked to move or remove an item so that the person inspecting can get a better visual on the contents. Please do so quickly. Refusal to submit to Bag Inspection will result in your removal from the event space and not allowed back in until the bag has been removed from the premises or inspected. Line Etiquette: Lines are a wonderful way to meet new people! Keeping your group together and making sure lines do not block entrances or exits, keeping a gap in front of the door, and refraining from “saving spaces” is a great way to keep lines moving and other guests happy. (A not so fun way to meet new people is to cut in line or jump; you’ll get to hang out with people all the way at the end!) Smoking, Vaping, and You: For the comfort of our guests, designated smoking areas have been provided outside the event spaces. These designated smoking areas can be found in spaces 25’ from all doorways, entrances, exits, or operable windows. The use of traditional or electronic smoking devices (including vaping and e-cigarettes of any kind) is limited to designated smoking areas; no traditional or electronic smoking devices (including vaping and e-cigarettes of any kind) are permitted in the event spaces, hotels, or within spaces 25’ of a doorway, entrance, exit, or operable window. Food and Drinks: Outside food or beverages are not permitted in event spaces. Water fountains and water stations have been provided at many of our event locations, so we encourage all guests to pick up an official Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK water bottle or bring their own bottle with a secure lid, made of a material other than glass (stainless steel and BPA-free plastic are great choices). Exceptions are made for guests with a medical condition. Please go to the Accessibilities Booth for more information. Reminder: Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK occurs in one of the hottest months of the year, so we encourage all attendees to drink plenty of water (no … Ramune does not count) to stay hydrated. Allergies: We are unable to control all aspects of the event spaces so there is a chance that you may come in contact with Allergens. If you have a severe allergy, please be prepared to come in contact with that allergen and, if necessary, please have any emergency medication that you may need. Neither Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK Staff or hosting event spaces will have any medications available. No Handouts: Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK does not allow the distribution of any items—including flyers, stickers, cards, or any promotional item—in any area inside or immediately outside event spaces or hotels unless: The item is distributed from a vendor, artist or exhibitor at a booth in the Exhibit Halls. The item is approved for placement on the Freebie Table at the Information Desk. No Soliciting Unless Exhibit Space Has Been Purchased: No retail sales are allowed anywhere in Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK event spaces unless you purchased or were allocated an Exhibitor, Vendor or Artist space. This includes common areas such as lobbies, program rooms, hotel lobbies and any venue featuring official Tokyo in Tulsa events. Accessibilities: Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK supports ability positive access to our events and welcomes all guests. Our Accessibilities Team, located at the Information Desk, will be glad to help make the most of your experience. Finding Your Friends: We’re sure you’ll meet lots of new friends, but you might not want to lose the old ones! With lots of space to explore, it’s easy to lose track of friends or family. Be sure to designate a meeting place if you and your party get separated.


Definitions: “Adult” - an individual 18 years of age or older “Pass” - convention badge or wristband “Weekend membership” - pass that allows access to convention for all three days “P.O.P” - Prepaid Onsite Pickup (previously Will Call) “Valid Picture I.D.” - non-expired Passport, Military I.D., State I.D., Student I.D. “MRC” - Membership Reward Code Badges, Wristbands And Identification: Registrants will pick up their convention badge or wristband upon arrival at the convention spaces (there are no passes mailed). Convention badges and wristbands must be visible at all times on your person. Individuals without a pass will not be granted access to convention space or any other function rooms in the areas in which convention operations are occurring. A member of the convention staff who does not see your pass visible upon your person may ask you to make certain it is visible, or ask you to leave the convention space. Some of the programing at Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK is 18 and older content. You will be required to show identification before entering. NO EXCEPTIONS. Types Of Registration Passes Available: Weekend Memberships cover all three days of Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK and will give you access to all standard events. Please note that memberships are good only for the year they are purchased in (i.e. 2017 membership is only good for the 2017 convention.) Early Bird Registration begins shortly after the previous year and runs to the end of January. This is a weekend membership for $45. Pre-Registration begins when Early Bird ends and runs until approximately 30 days before Tokyo In Tulsa. This is a weekend membership for $55. “At-the-Door” Weekend Passes are available during the convention at the registration desk. This is a weekend membership for $70. “P.O.P” Weekend Passes will be available for purchase online from the end of Pre-Registration until 11:59 pm on July 13th. Day Passes are available during the convention at all registration locations. These are one day only passes for $50. Sakura Club Memberships are available in limited supply until 14 days prior to the convention. Sakura Club Members have access to special events and receive a bag of goodies. Sakura Club Memberships are $200. Sakura Club Memberships are only good for the individual person whose name is on the badge. Gaming - 1 Day Base Price: $10 Only good for access to Gaming areas in Xtreme Racing and Hilton Garden Inn for the day purchased Shopping - 1 Day Base Price: $15 A Shopping Pass is only good for access to The Bazaar for the day purchased Shopping passes will not be sold after 6:00 pm (FRI/SAT) nor after 3:00 pm (SUN). Broken Arrow PAC Pass Friday - 1 Day Base Price: $20 BAPAC Pass is good for access to Opening Ceremonies, The Fashion Show and the Concert on Friday BAPAC passes will not be sold after 9:00 pm Friday. Cosplay Pass Base Price: $15 A Cosplay Pass is only good for access to Cosplay Contest on Saturday Cosplay Passes will not be sold after 6:00 pm on Saturday. Children 12 Years and Younger A child 12 years or younger is free with a paid adult Weekend Membership or Day Pass (excludes Sakura Club, Venue Passes and Single Event Passes). They can request a Kids Pass on-site during registration hours, either when picking up their pre-registered membership or at time of purchase. Limit of one child per paid membership. Children 5 and under are free. Passes And Convention Space Access: All remaining areas of the convention require either a weekend membership or a day pass to access. Gamer passes allow access to the Gaming Areas only. Shopping passes allow access to Vendor Room only. Where And When To Pick Up Passes: Passes can be picked up at various locations during Registration Hours. Thursday, July 11th 6PM-9PM (Early Bird, Pre-Reg and Sakura Club Only) - Stoney Creek Conference Center & Hotel only Friday, July 12th 9AM-9PM - Stoney Creek & Hilton Garden Inn 2PM-7PM - The Bazaar 2PM-9PM - Xtreme Racing Saturday, July 13th 9AM-9PM - Stoney Creek & Hilton Garden Inn 10AM-7PM - The Bazaar 10AM-9PM - Xtreme Racing Sunday, July 14th 9AM-2PM - Stoney Creek & Hilton Garden Inn 10AM-2PM - The Bazaar & Xtreme Racing What Is Required To Pick Up Passes: Attendees will need to bring either a valid picture I.D. or copies of both registration confirmation (Wufoo) and payment confirmation (Square). Attendees under the age of 16 may use a student ID. Note: Details on obtaining an Oklahoma I.D. can be found here. Generally, the turnaround is same day. Who Can Pick Up A Pass: New for 2019! Badges will not be personalized prior to pick-up. This means that whoever is listed as point of contact on the registration form will be able to pick up all ordered badges at one time. Please use the contact form if the point of contact needs to be changed. Please note that during convention hours, response time is slow. Please try to request these changes at least 24-48 hours prior to the start of the convention. Pre-Purchased Convention Shirts: Pre-ordered shirts can be picked up at the Dynamite Conventions Merch Booth, located at the Shopping Bazaar beginning at 3pm on Friday, July 12th. All shirts must be picked up before 4pm on Sunday, July 14th unless prior arrangements have been made. All shirts that have not been picked up by then will be placed back into sales inventory. Q. If I decide attend another day or the rest of the weekend after purchasing a Day Pass, do I have to spend another $50 for a Day Pass or $65 for the Weekend Membership? No. If you have purchased a Day Pass and wish to attend another day or 2 more days, then take your day pass to the registration desk and they will upgrade you to a weekend pass for the difference in cost. Q: I purchased a membership to TnT but can no longer attend. What are my options? You can transfer your pass. Prior to June 11, 2019, you can request a transfer via the contact form. After this date, transfers can only be made on-site during registration hours at the Specialty Pass line. On-site transfers will require a completed Onsite Transfer Request Formand all items listed on the form. No transfers will be processed without all requirements. Q: What do I do if I lost my badge? For pre-registered passes, one (1) replacement pass will be issued. Full price will be required for any replacement after. For on-site purchased passes, one (1) replacement pass will be issued free of charge with a receipt of payment. If no receipt of payment is available, attendee can receive one (1) replacement pass for a fee of $20. Full price will be required for any replacement after. Q. I won a pass to Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK. What do I need to do? All pass winners should receive an MRC prior to June 11, 2019, which is used as a promo code for online registration. Attendees who redeem their MRC prior to afore mentioned date will have a printed badge that can be picked up on site at the Specialty Pass line during registration hours Friday through Sunday. A valid I.D. and copy of registration confirmation (EventGrid/Wufoo) is required for badge release. Sakura Club pass winners that are 12 and under may have one (1) additional pass released to parent or legal guardian. Additional pass will not receive other exclusive items included in Sakura Club package. If Sakura Club winner does not want to accept the additional pass, winner may exchange their initial free pass for three (3) full weekend passes.


TO BE ANNOUNCED The Schedule We will have a DRAFT of the schedule around Mid-June. Keep in mind, the schedule WILL change between the first release and July 14th. It’s the nature of events and we will do our best to keep everyone up to date on revisions as they happen. You can find the Schedule here. Note: On Thursday as well as Friday until official Convention Opening, access is limited. Once your Registration has been claimed, you will be asked to exit the building. This is for your safety as well as the safety of staffing. While in the building, please be mindful and courteous to the staff that is in the building setting up.

Photography, Video, and Media Policy

Guests who violate these rules may be removed from the property at the convention’s discretion. - Photography is generally allowed, however, permission to take a subject's photo must be given before the photo is taken or retroactively received after the photo is taken. If you do not receive consent for the photo, the photo must be deleted. - Photographers are allowed to take photos in the public space using HAND-HELD equipment only. Equipment cannot extend greater than a 15-inch radius around or above the photographer or subject. - No free-standing equipment is allowed. - Photographers and/or equipment cannot block any public area or impede the safe traffic flow of others (entrances, exits, hallways, etc.). - Absolutely no setup of lighting with light stands, ladders, backdrops, large props/signs on the floor, running cords/wires across the floor, etc. will be allowed in public space areas. - Photographers and their subjects must also respect the hotels and event spaces environment by not being disruptive or doing anything unsafe (i.e. standing on furniture, climbing into the fountains, hanging items from a light pole, etc.). - All photographers must have valid Tokyo in Tulsa credentials (attendee badge). - The use of drones is not permitted. Photographs, Video, Media and Promotional Material Policy: - Participants in Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK or any other Dynamite Conventions events are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized staff photographers. By purchasing your registration, you inherently grant permission to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes. - Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK and Dynamite Conventions reserves the right to utilize any media recorded at a Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK or Dynamite Conventions event including photography and video. Panels and Events: - Due to contractual obligations, many of our guests, panelist and content providers do not allow any photography, video or media taken of their events. If you are asked to put recording devices away (including your phone) please comply. - No Video or Audio Recording of Movie and TV Panels - No video or audio recording is allowed of the footage on the screens during movie and television panels or within the viewing rooms at Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK. The footage shown is exclusive, brought to Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK by the studios and networks. Please respect their rights and allow us to continue to show this type of material to our attendees. The Policies extend to ALL Dynamite Conventions sponsored events!

Props Policy, Animal Policy, and First Aid

View Props Policy- Click Here View Animal Policy- Click Here First Aid - NO Pharmaceuticals are available onsite. - No Pharmaceuticals will be given to Attendees or Staff - Staff may provide basic first aid. - In case of Emergency, contact Emergency Medical Services (911) or the First Aid Staff can contact them on your behalf. - All financial responsibility for charges incurred by outside Medical Services or Emergency Services are the responsibility of the recipient of Medical Services.


Q. Why have you not asked (insert name of guest here) to Tokyo In Tulsa/Tokyo, OK? I have sent you emails and sent you their contact information. I have even talked to them about it at (insert name of location here). WHY? A. Most of the planning for TnT is finished nearly a year ahead of time including guest invitations. Like you, we have to work within a budget and everyone's schedule. Sometimes not everything aligns. We do pay close attention to your requests and try to bring who we can when we can. If your favorite band or voice actor is not at TnT this year, let us know via our Contact Form and we will TRY to invite them in the future. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT POSSIBLE GUESTS YOURSELF TO INVITE THEM This causes no end of trouble and confusion. If you meet up with someone that you would like to attend Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK in the future, give them our web address and ask them to contact us, or, like stated before, let us know through the contact form. Autograph Sessions: We cannot guarantee that you receive an autograph. Each autograph session has a limited amount of time which we try to get as many people autographs as possible. “Fan Etiquette” Fan Etiquette is how we ask you to act toward Guests and other attendees. Guests are people too. Outside of their job, what you admire them for, they have lives, problems, and emotions just like everyone else. Treat them calmly and courteously. During Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK they have schedules to keep and need time off. If you see a guest in the hall, do not glomp or swarm them. If a guest has time, he or she will spend time with you. Do not be offended if they do not have time to talk. He or she may be on a schedule or needing a break. There will be other opportunities to talk to them. Second, while at the convention, observe the Golden Rule … treat others as you would wish to be treated. For more information, please see the Tokyo In Tulsa/ Tokyo, OK Code of Conduct. Guest Autograph Session Rules: So that the most people can meet and get the signature of their favorite personality or performer, we have set these rules for all of our autograph sessions. - Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK cannot guarantee that you will receive an autograph. Signatures are first come first served. - Do Not Cut In Line. - You cannot “Hold” a position in line for someone else. - Guests are stationed in small groups and each group has their own line. This is to ensure that the most people can get Autographs. Once you have the autograph(s) of one group, you will need to return to the back of the line to obtain signatures from one of the other groups. - Signatures are limited to two (2) items per person per Guest - You are limited to one (1) minute with each Guest. - Ask Permission before taking any photographs of or with a Guest. - Do not ask for Recordings or for a Guest to perform your favorite character voice. Many of our guests are hired and paid based on the condition of their voice and they still have to go to work on Monday morning. They may make it look easy, but performing is hard work and can place a strain or damage their vocal cords. - Please be courteous to Guests, staff and your fellow attendees. - If you have issue with a staff member, please report it to the Info Desk in the Front Hallway of the conference Center

Artist Bazaar

Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo,OK’s Artist Bazaar is a venue for artists, crafts, events, self promotion and special interests. Artists may sell anything that is related to their own personal hard work, craft or designs. It is not a place to sell manufactured items such as DVDs, keychains and plushies, etc. Please keep in mind that if you are the creator of an online webcomic or writer/artist of your own creation and would like to promote it, the Exhibitor Area might be more suited for you!! Q. How do I become an artist at TnT? Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK's Artist Bazaar will be 100% juried. As all applications will be reviewed, artists MUST submit a way to view their work - website, tumblr, facebook photo gallery, etc. Artists interested can apply here. Q. How much does an artist table cost? For 2020, each table in the artist bazaar is $175 plus applicable taxes and fees. Tables are 8’ x 30” and come with 2 full weekend badges. A max of two (2) tables can be purchased. If additional badges are needed, they can be purchased for a discounted rate of $50/badge (max 4 per table purchased). Additional badges purchased on-site, day of convention will be regularly priced. If access to an electrical outlet is required, artist must pre-purchase at a rate of $25. Access to an Exhibit Hall A Only wifi network will also be available for a rate of $10. Additional badges and electrical fees will be invoiced separately after table purchase. Q. Can there be more than one artist at a table? Artists are more than welcome to share space in the Artist Bazaar; however, we must be informed prior to the convention. Q. What if I have to cancel my table at TnT? Refunds are offered as follows: February 1, 2019 ends 100% refund April 12, 2019 ends 50% refund Q. Does Tokyo In Tulsa/Tokyo, OK have staff to help me with my table? We do not provide staff. As a part of the Art Bazaar, there is a reason we provide 2 badges and additional badges at a discounted price. We do not have the staff to help you with your table and run the convention. As an Artist, we ask that you bring sufficient staff to man and secure your tables. Q. What are the hours of the Artist Bazaar? For 2020, the Artist Bazaar will be open: 2p-7p Friday 10a-7p Saturday 10a-5p on Sunday - Please keep your products, displays and staff within your purchased space and out of traffic aisles. - You may ONLY sell items related to your own personal hard work, crafts or designs. - Artists are expected to have their someone at their table at all times that the Artist Bazaar is open. - Please be respectful to the convention attendees by keeping your displays family friendly. - As noted below in the ADULT PRODUCTS POLICY, hentai, yaoi, and any other media material requiring an age limit of 18 or older cannot be sold within the vendor room, artist bazaar, or anywhere on the premises. Artwork, Copyright and Trademark While the clear majority of the entertainment industry is not only tolerant but also very supportive of the Artist community and fan art, there are restrictions. Due to changes in federal law concerning copyright and trademarks please follow these rules: - Symbols and logos that are classified as Trademarked cannot be used or sold. Examples can range from a company logo like Funimation’s or even symbols like the Flamel from Fullmetal Alchemist. - Artwork and Crafts must be “one of a kind” and not available from any official source. You CANNOT copy an already existing piece of art or merchandise sold by a licensed distributor. - If you are asked to remove an item due to copyright or trademark concerns, please remove it promptly and without discussion. This is to protect you as well as the event. Refusal or sell the item after being asked to remove it will result in your removal from the event.


Q. What is an exhibitor? - An exhibitor is a merchant selling or promoting branded items. This space also includes our Partners, the convention charity, area conventions as well as interests groups such as local anime/manga clubs. We also welcome local/regional authors/artists who are strictly promoting a book/webcomic/etc. - All exhibitors receive one 6′ x 30″ table and a number of badges determined by exhibitor type. - If you are an entity wishing to spread the word about your event or product, keep reading! If you are interested in being an exhibitor for Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK, please visit the Exhibitors page. - If you are a local or regional convention interested in a table exchange, please visit our Convention Exchange Program page. Q. Which type of exhibitor are you? Type I – Partner/Guest of TnT - It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to make a convention like Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK run smoothly. Whether it’s financial backing or services rendered, our Partners help make it happen. This category is strictly for those that have a contract with Tokyo in Tulsa. This type is invitation only. Type II – Non-Profit Organizations/Government or Educational Institutions - Tokyo in Tulsa is happy to provide space for any non-profit organizations and/or government/education institutions who would like to promote themselves. Please note: groups must be able to provide proof of nonprofit status upon request. This type is invitation only. Type III – Community Arts & Enrichment - Community Arts & Enrichment includes local/regional authors and artists as long as they are only promoting their items. Type IV exhibitors simply promoting their product may able to procure a space for $87.50; type IV exhibitors selling a branded product (no fan art) may procure a space for $175. Community programs/events without a 501(c)(3) status would also fall into this category. [cost: $87.50/175; badges: 2] Type IV – Corporate - Corporate exhibitors are any other businesses that do not fall into the above categories. Q. How do I become an exhibitor at Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK? The first step is to complete the Exhibitor Consideration Form.. - Please note that completion of the form does not guarantee a spot in the Exhibitor Area. A formal offer will be sent via the email on file. Once an exhibitor has responded to accept that offer, an invoice will be sent out. All invoices must be paid within 48 hours or the exhibitor forfeits the space. - If access to an electrical outlet is required, a fee of $25. If available, access to a artists/vendors only wifi network can be purchased for $10. Table pricing listed above does not include applicable taxes and fees. Q: What if I have to cancel my exhibitor space at TnT? Refunds are offered as follows: February 1, 2019 ends 100% refund April 12, 2019 ends 50% refund


A vendor is a merchant that sells/offers pre-packaged items or manufactured items Q. How do I become a vendor at TnT? Spaces in the vendor room are invite-only. Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK does its best to balance variety and need, as well as try to ensure our vendors do the best they can do during the weekend. To be considered for a space at the convention, please complete Vendor Consideration Form. All vendors must comply with the Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK Code of Conduct, including the Props Policy. Q. How much does vendor space cost*? July 20 - December 31 $700/booth January 1 - June 11 $725/booth After June 11 $750/booth Booths are 10’ x 10’ and come with 2 full weekend badges. A max of four (4) booths can be purchased. If additional badges are needed, they can be purchased along with booth space for a discounted rate of $50/badge (max 4 per booth purchased). Additional badges purchased on-site, day of convention will be regularly priced. If access to an electrical outlet is required, vendor must pre-purchase at a rate of $50. If access to Internet is required, vendor must pre-purchase at a rate of $50. Q. What happens when a vendor receives an invitation? All consideration forms will receive a reply, even if that vendor is not selected for that years convention. Those that do receive an invite will be sent a link to register. Payment is due upon registration unless other arrangements have been made. Q. What if I have to cancel my booth space at TnT? Refunds are offered as follows: February 1, 2019 ends 100% refund April 12, 2019 ends 50% refund Q. A vendor has sold me an item that I think is bootleg (poor quality). What do I do? Please bring the item that you have purchased to the Access Control Team or a staff member and let them know who you purchased the item from. We have members of our staff who can identify Bootleg items properly (sorry guys, some legit manufacturers are just bad) and take the appropriate actions. We cannot guarantee that you will get your money back but we will do what we can to help you.

Bootleg Policy

- Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK does not condone or support the sale of pirated or bootleg merchandise. - Pirated video material, whether it be video, DVD, VCD or any other format is not tolerated. The decision has been made to prevent the sale of ‘gray’ area CDs which include, but is not limited to, SonMay, Ever Anime or other Taiwanese or Hong Kong distributors. For visual and audio material, only original Japanese or North American distributed items will be acceptable. Only properly licensed model kits (e.g. no Bendi or other similar imitations) will be tolerated.

Adult Products Policy

- Vendors may sell an item that is allowed by Oklahoma law that does not conflict with convention rules and regulations and is relevant to the Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK venue. - Any live-action video that is considered to be ‘XXX’ or displays sexual penetration is illegal in Oklahoma and banned from the convention. This includes special features on DVDs and printed inserts. Anyone found selling these items will be asked to remove them from the premises. Failure to do so will result in loss of convention space for the remainder of Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK and the proper authorities may be notified. - Hentai, Yaoi, and any other media material requiring an age limit of 18 or older cannot be sold within the vendor room, artist bazaar, or anywhere on the premises. This is a family-oriented convention that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds.

Code of Conduct

Liability Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK, Dynamite Conventions, LLC and all event host locations are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury with regard to any attendee at any time. Attendees are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result. Civil or medical emergencies and criminal activity must be reported to the Access Control Team or the Information Desk, who will contact the proper authorities. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. In other words, if you are causing a problem, we can and will remove you from the convention and take your badge. Rules of Conduct First and Foremost, all Dynamite Conventions events honor the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” In other words, be kind, compassionate and respectful. If you encounter a situation where someone is being rude, disrespectful, or infringing upon one of our rules of conduct; please exit the situation as quickly as possible and report the incident to either the Access Control Team or Information Desk. Do not escalate the situation by being rude or disrespectful in return. “Eye for an Eye leaves both people blind.” - Attendees are at their own risk with respect to the dangers of cosplay. Neither Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK, Dynamite Conventions, LLC, nor any of our many event locations are responsible for accidents (tripping, falling, etc) due to costume malfunction or as a result of a costume. We urge everyone who wishes to cosplay and those around cosplayers please be cautious and mindful of costumes. - Please be kind and courteous to your fellow attendees, guests, dealers, and staff at all times. Disruptive behavior that disturbs others is not allowed. This includes running, screaming, yelling, horseplay, unsolicited physical contact, or any other behaviors deemed disruptive by convention staff. - Please treat the event facilities with respect. All of our event spaces are wonderful facilities and we would like to keep it that way. Do not damage or deface the facilities or their property in any way. - No items or materials that can damage cosplays and/or electronic equipment (ie cameras, video camera, microphones, etc.) should be used on or around convention premises. This includes bubbles, shaving cream, glitter, holi powder, etc. - Please keep the hallways and aisles clear. While it is wonderful to stand and talk to friends, please do so in a manner that does not obstruct the flow of traffic. - Rollerblades, skates, heelys, skateboards, recreational scooters and bicycles are prohibited in the event spaces and hotels. - Offensive and/or revealing attire is prohibited. We kindly ask that people refrain from wearing clothing (including costumes) that would be inappropriate in public. - No solicitation, playing music, acting, or any other act for money. - Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK prohibits signs or other materials that can be interpreted as soliciting or panhandling. This includes signs such as “Hugs for a Quarter”, “Free Glomps”, or “Donate to a Poor Catgirl”. As a result, all signs will be confiscated and may be destroyed. If the sign is part of the cosplay, and sufficient proof that the character has the sign, and it does not violate the section concerning “Solicitation”, then the sign will be allowed. (e.g. screen capture from the show with the text on the sign – this does NOT include Photoshop edits). - Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK, Dynamite Conventions, LLC, nor any of our many event locations are liable for any missing belongings. Please keep a close eye on your items. - Do not leave your bags unattended! Any bag left unattended will be turned over to the appropriate authorities. This may include any of the event locations, hotels or the local authorities. - Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK encourages people to leave bags, backpacks and other personal belongings in their hotel room or car. - Remember when staying in a hotel, or going to a restaurant, it is customary to tip employees if they perform a service for you. Customary tipping procedure is 20% of the total amount. However, please remember that tipping is based upon good service. If at any point a hotel employee is rude or antagonistic towards you, please inform convention operations, the Information Desk, hotel front desk or business management. Please refrain from responding back with equal antagonism. - Function rooms have a limited amount of space. Due to this fact, it may become necessary to wait in line prior to gaining entry to some events/areas. Please be patient and understanding; we will do our best to accommodate as many people as we can in the quickest fashion possible. - Disabled persons, staff, convention guests of honor, and dealers are not required to stand in line. If you have any questions, please contact Access Control or the Information Desk. - Shoplifting is a crime. It is not tolerated, and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Shoplifters will have their badges revoked without refund, be removed from the convention and will not be admitted to Tokyo in Tulsa in the future. - Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK staff reserve the right to revoke your convention membership and eject anyone at any time from the convention without a refund. - Please follow the directions of convention staff and convention security. They are there to make your experience more enjoyable, not to hinder, burden or hurt you. Anyone who refuses to obey either convention staff or convention security will be subject to removal from the convention. - STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS MANDATE THAT DRUGS SUCH AS ECSTASY, COCAINE, HEROIN, AND OTHER SIMILAR ITEMS ARE ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. They will not be tolerated in or around the Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK convention event spaces. - STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS ALSO MANDATE THAT IT IS PROHIBITED FOR INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 TO DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21. Our over 21 attendees are allowed to consume alcohol outside the convention area in a responsible, civilized manner. We require that our under 21 attendees refrain from drinking at the convention. - MARIJUANA – The use and possession of Marijuana, in all of its various forms, is prohibited in all of Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK’s event spaces. Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK was created so that people with similar interests could gather together in the spirit of community, so most of all HAVE FUN!!! If you have any problems, questions or concerns, PLEASE contact a Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK staff member or the Information Desk. They will be happy to assist you! For the full Code of Conduct click here


Cosplay is not consent!! Tokyo in Tulsa/Tokyo, OK and Dynamite Conventions, LLC does not tolerate harassment of any type at any of its events. Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence. View Full Cosplay Etiquette- Click here

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View Full Dress Code- Click Here

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