Cosplay EtIquette

1. Ask permission, not forgiveness–and keep your eyes up:

Want to take a picture of a cosplayer? Ask, and ask politely, rather than snapping the picture covertly.  If they say no, then accept that the answer is no–don’t try to sneak the shot in anyway.  Also, look them in the eyes when you speak to them and not in the … well you know.


2. Choose the right time:

If a cosplayer is eating or resting, please allow them their time to rest.


3. Choose the right place:

When taking photos, do your best not to block hall traffic. It makes it easier for other people to move around and less chance of a random person walking in front of your photo.


4. Hands off other peoples’ props:

This seems like it should go without saying, but there have been instances I have seen where people have actually run off with a friend’s prop or grabbed it and started playing with it, resulting in a break. Props can take a very, very long time to make and most tend to be fairly fragile. If a cosplayer says you can handle it, handle it with care. You wouldn’t want your props broken, so don’t do it to someone else.


5. If something about someone’s costume is inaccurate or poorly made, do not berate them for it:

Does not matter what you think of the quality of their craftsmanship, the cosplayer spent time and effort to make it.


6. Cosplayers are not obligated to do anything that makes them uncomfortable!


7. Be careful where you step:

Some people have long or elaborate costumes that might be difficult to maneuver in. Keep an eye on where you’re going so you don’t accidentally ruin someone’s costume.


8.  Cosplayers, if you're brandishing a cosplay prop, it does not deserve its own seat during panels and events

9: Cosplay is NOT Consent