July 9th-11th, 2021

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With all of the moving parts that make up TOK, making too quick of a decision could have resulted in negative repercussions.  Thank you all for being patient with us as we have mulled through stacks of information and countless discussions concerning the Tokyo, OK 2020 event.  

After due consideration, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Tokyo, OK / Tokyo in Tulsa.  

The health of our attendees, staff, guests, artists, vendors and Broken Arrow citizens are our number one concern. We have not been able to find a way to host the event in a manner that keeps everyone safe.  In this environment, continuing with the 2020 event would be irresponsible and harmful to the community that we love and support.

We will be moving the event to July 9-11, 2021, our next scheduled dates.  

As part of the postponement of Tokyo in Tulsa / Tokyo, OK, –  ALL REGISTRATION WILL BE ROLLED OVER AUTOMATICALLY.  If you have purchased an attendee pass, Sakura Club, vendor table, or artist table your purchase will now be for 2021.  This also includes Crew Applications as well.  No action on your part is necessary.

We will not be “resting on our laurels” during this time.  We recognize that there are current issues, some new and some have been around for years, that have persisted.  We are going to utilize this time to address problems and make improvements.  We will be working very closely with the City of Broken Arrow to secure better locations, improve the transit system, and work toward fast-forwarding plans that we scheduled for later down the road.  Nearly every part of the convention is going to be scrutinized for ways to improve the overall convention experience.

Here is the difficult part. I am sorry but we will have to maintain our “No Refunds” policies. The Pandemic has put a massive strain on our finances. For obvious reasons, sales are down and what little we do have will be needed to “keep the lights on” until 2021. Because of the type of business we are, we do not have the financial relief options available to more traditional businesses.

While we cannot offer Refunds, we CAN better facilitate the transfer of passes between attendees. Whether you want to sell/trade/pass along your badge or would like to receive one, simply complete the form at www.tokyointulsa.com/pass-exchange and we will connect you with the appropriate person.

It's a very simple four step process. We want to make sure that this is as headache free as we can make it.

  1. Seller fills out form    

  2. Seller will be matched with a buyer as they come available.  

  3. Once Seller confirms payment is received, Dynamite Conventions will send the transfer form via DocuSign.

  4. Confirmation will be sent to both parties once Transfer paperwork is complete.

We strongly encourage anyone who is wanting to purchase a badge in the near future to check for available badges through this system before purchasing directly from the Tokyo in Tulsa registration system.

Again, thank you for being patient with us and for being a part of our wonderful community. Please Have Fun, Enjoy and please Stay Safe.


James Fowler

Founder and CEO 

Dynamite Conventions, LLC

Tokyo in Tulsa / Tokyo, OK


Panels, Music, Workshops, Gaming, and more. With over 300 hours of programming, we have something for everyone.


From Actors, Professional Cosplayers, Fashion Designers, and Artists: Meet the people who are the cutting edge of Anime and Japanese Culture in America.


Get to know all of the New and Wonderful locations for Tokyo, OK 2021

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