What is an exhibitor?


An exhibitor is a merchant selling or promoting branded items.


This space also includes our Partners, the convention charity, area conventions as well as interests groups such as local anime/manga clubs. We also welcome local/regional authors/artists who are strictly promoting a book/webcomic/etc. All exhibitors receive one 8′ x 30″ table and a number of badges determined by exhibitor type.


The Exhibitor area will be located in Exhibit Hall A along with our Artist Bazaar participants and the Demo Arena. If you are an entity wishing to spread the word about your event or product, keep reading!



Which type of exhibitor are you?


Type I – Partner


It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to make a convention like Tokyo in Tulsa run smoothly. Whether it’s financial backing or services rendered, our Partners help make it happen. This category is strictly for those that have a contract with Tokyo in Tulsa. If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please let us know via the contact form.


[cost: included in package; badges received: TBD]


Type II – Convention Charity


Each year Tokyo in Tulsa chooses an organization to donate the proceeds from designated events at the convention. Charities from previous years include Penny Arcade, Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), Chapter 61 Ministries/Truckers Against Trafficking, Japanese Relief through AmeriCare, Greenwood Cultural Center’s Kids Korner, and OpenArms Youth Project. The designated charity for 2016 is currently under discussion.


[cost: $0; badges received: TBD]


Type III – Non-Profit Organizations/Government or Educational Institutions


Tokyo in Tulsa is happy to provide space for any non-profit organizations and/or government/education institutions who would like to promote themselves. Please note: groups must be able to provide proof of non-profit status upon request.


[cost: $0; badges received: 2-4]


Type IV – Community Arts & Enrichment


Community Arts & Enrichment includes local/regional authors and artists as long as they are only promoting their items. Type IV exhibitors simply promoting their product may able to procure a space for $87.50; type IV exhibitors selling a branded product (no fan art) may procure a space for $175.  Community programs/events without a 501(c)(3) status would also fall into this category*.


[cost: $87.50/$175; badges: 2]


Type V – Corporate


Corporate exhibitors are any other businesses that do not fall into the above categories.


[cost: contact for pricing; badges: TBD]


If access to an electrical outlet is required, exhibitor must pre-purchase at a rate of $50. Table pricing listed above does not include applicable taxes and fees.


How do I become an exhibitor at Tokyo in Tulsa?


All exhibitors will need to apply via the contact form. As all applications will be reviewed, exhibitors MUST submit a way to view their work/services - website, tumblr, facebook page, etc. To request an application, please send an email to Exhibitors via the contact form.


Please note that completion of the application does not guarantee a spot in the Exhibitor Area. After an application has been reviewed, an exhibitor will either 1) receive an invitation to register, 2) be placed on a wait/stand-by list, or 3) receive a recommendation to apply again in 2018.


What if I have to cancel my exhibitor space at TnT?


Refunds are offered as follows:

Prior to April 10             100% refund

April 11 - June 12          50% refund

After June 12                  0% refund



Please review the main FAQ before submitting further questions via the Contact Form.



* Conventions that are willing to trade booth/table space will be exempt from current pricing.



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