Wha wha wha? Track Scan, OKgamers.com and Tokyo in Tulsa come together to bring you the ONLY Microsoft approved Headset for the 360 – the Vibras FIVE.ONE! And not only can you get a chance to check out these bad boys at Tokyo in Tulsa 2010 – you could WIN ONE FOR FREE!

No luck with drawings? Don’t worry – prove you’re the best in one of our many FPS LAN tournaments happening all weekend – and WIN A SET THAT WAY!

Only throw down for a good cause? Compete in our Halo 4v4 for Charity and win FOUR HEADSETS and FOUR 20″ DELL MONITORS, all while putting in 100% of your $15 entry for a good cause – TnT’s Charity this year Chapter 61 Ministries, Home of Truckers against Trafficking. Oh – and you don’t even have to “beat” the other team – simply come the closest to beating them!

Track Scan®, Inc. is a leading provider of audio technology for sports and electronic gaming. In 2008, Track Scan launched VIBRAS FIVE.ONE® ,a high performance line of gaming and personal audio products that includes the VIBRAS FIVE.ONE Surround Sound Headset System, the only headset to earn Microsoft’s authorization as “Licensed for Xbox 360.”The VIBRAS FIVE.ONE headset features 10 speakers (five in each ear),enabling the player to feel inside the game.

There is also a USB version available for PC gaming, movies, music and VOIP. Track Scan was founded in 1993 and is privately owned with offices in Mooresville, N.C., Taiwan and China. For more information, visit www.track-scan.com/vibras.